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Why Main Line Memorials...

When you and your family are ready to purchase a monument for your loved one or need an inscription placed on a current monument there are things you should be looking for in choosing the right monument company for you.

  1. Knowledge
  2. excellent craftsmanship
  3. trust
  4. options and a price that meets your budget
  5. local company

Today there are more and more Monument companies popping up online.  We know you are not an expert on choosing monuments and you have just been through a great ordeal. Most of you do not know what questions to ask.  You can be taken for granted.  This is something that truly disturbs us at Main Line Memorials.  Most online companies that are not local will not set your stone for you in the cemetery and you may not always think to ask this when buying the monument.  What happens is they deliver it to you and you are left with trying to find someone to come out to your house and then set it in the cemetery.  This can be a major hassle in finding a company that will just set the stone for you and it will be an extra cost to you.  Other companies may over charge you or nicely push you into purchasing something you may not need because you may not know you do not need  the item or service.

Please know that at Main Line Memorials we have seen many of these things happen to nice people. When you call our store, a qualified stone representative will walk you through the process of buying a stone and will in most cases ask you to come in an visit the showroom so you can see each stone for yourself., to check the size, colors and designs of monuments.   If you just need an inscription, we will take some information from you and then personally go and look at your stone at no extra charge to assure accuracy to match the lettering and layout that is already on your stone before we even give you a price.

Why choose Main Line Memorials, because our Engravers have 25 years of experience and hold a “Master Engraving Status” which is the highest level you can receive. At Main Line we are a smaller and local company so we take the time to get to know each of our customers and their special situations.  Our customers are like family and we treat them that way.

 A good relationship is based on trust: 610-640-4006